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Keeping track of your business mileage and expenses has never been easier or faster.

You can track your mileage for several vehicles at the same time and the program will remember your mileage and expenses for you. With the IRS hiring more auditors in an effort to increase tax revenues they are looking more closely than ever before at those who travel on business and the records that they keep. It's easy to get bogged down in everyday work and travel and lose track of IRS mileage, when and where you go on business and many times we just forget to enter the miles or places we go. Mileage Track makes it easy to enter you mileage daily, weekly or monthly and creates reporting that will blow the socks off an auditor. The program even tracks both the mileage rate expense that your employer allows if any as well as the IRS mileage rate at the same time. but it also Prints your mileage log based on any date range with miles broken down into Business, Personal, Commute, Medical or Charity mileage as required by IRS publication 463. Entering your mileage in the Mileage Track software is quick and accurate. Simply type in the type of travel for each day and the program will track it for you. Each time you log mileage the ending odometer mileage is stored in the vehicles file. When you enter another trip for that vehicle the software show you the last odometer reading for that vehicle as End Trip. If you begin your trip with the same mileage reading enter that in the Begin Trip column. If you begin the business portion of the day at another point enter the new mileage in the begin Miles field and the software will compute the difference as commute or personal mileage. Accurately show your allowance mileage and mileage reimbursement to show how much tax mileage you can deduct on your income tax.


Log mileage for multiple vehicles at the same time

You can use several automobiles in your business travels over many years and Mileage Track will track the mileage and expenses for all of them year after year. There is no time limit like other mileage log software programs when you have to pay year after year, again and again. This mileage log software will track your mileage and expenses combining them into a expense report that can be printed for any time period by choosing a beginning date and an ending date.


Mileage rate reimbursement for employees that travel for business and use their own automobile depends largely on the company reimbursement policy or expense policy of each company and varies widely. Some employers pay a reimbursement amount of so many cents per mile or offer a car allowance. In most cases the amount of reimbursement that a company pays is less than the mileage rate reimbursement or IRS mileage rate that you can take as a business deduction for business mileage. The difference between what you are reimbursed per mile by your employer and the IRS mileage rate is tax deductable. To claim this deduction you should have good documentation of your business mileage in the form of a mileage log showing the date, destination and business purpose for each trip. If you drive your vehicle or more than one vehicle on business each day such as an outside sales person or service agent you need to document each days activity to show how many miles that you drive for business and how many miles on each vehicle are personal mileage. Even if you file for the standard mileage deduction you need to be able to prove what percentage of total miles driven were for business purposes. If your per mile reimbursement from your employer was $0.32 cents per mile and the current IRS mileage rate was $0.56 cents per mile you can claim the difference between the two mileage rates at $0.25 cents per mile as a tax deduction.

This is where good record keeping come into play as the IRS will want you to prove you mileage in an audit. The IRS is looking more closely at business expenses and especially at business mileage. many people do not keep good accountability of their mileage and if audited they could be denied the tax deduction if the auditor determines that the documentation is incomplete or inadequate and does not met the mileage standard under the IRS policy on business mileage and expenses. For more information on the IRS policy for business travel expenses and mileage log requirements go to IRS.GOV and search for publication 463. This outlines the record keeping requirements and time periods. IRS mileage expense is published in IRS publication 463 each year along with current allowance mileage and mileage standard.

Many people use a spread sheet to create a mileage log and expense report, print it and then fill in new information over the previous data. With the Mileage Track software system you enter your mileage and expenses into a form and then print either an expense report that combines your mileage log and expense receipts together on print each by themselves for any date range. Mileage Track software is a database program and not a spread sheet. You can enter your information at any time and store it for many years. You can even go back and print corrected expense reports and mileage logs if you find an error or you forgot to enter a trip.


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